Andi James - purveyors of fine sterling silver jewelry

Welcome to Andi James!

The owners of Andi James have been in the business of selling fine sterling silver jewelry since 1990. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality products, exceptional prices and great customer service.



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The highlights of the Andi James program for its line of sterling silver earrings are as follows:

  • STERLING SILVER earrings, all at one great price


  • Comprehensive REFRESH program (100% refresh every 3 months with NEW styles not seen by your customers before. Full credit given on returned earrings. Return earrings for any reason whatsoever. Flat $18 S&H fee. Prepaid shipping label supplied. 15 day grace period)

  • All earrings UNIQUE (no repeats, one deep)

  • Spinner has an 8 INCH footprint & holds 84 pairs of earrings

  • Satin-like pouches provided at no cost (on initial order and re-orders)

  • Reorder by the dozen (minimum 2 dozen pairs)

  • New PRODUCT monthly (earrings not bar coded so initial order & re-order will be for a mixed selection)

If you are a retailer and would like to discuss Andi James in greater detail, please contact us at / tel: (360) 392-0103 / fax: (360) 715-2142. Thank you!